Our Board

Overall management of the ICA is exercised through the Managing Director by the Board of Directors. The Directors are elected annually

Board of Directors

Jürg Reinhart - Vice President

Jürg Reinhart


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Salman Ispahani - Second Vice President

Salman Ispahani

First Vice President

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Bill Ballenden - Second Vice President

Bill Ballenden

Second Vice President

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Jean-Marc Derossis - Ex President

Jean-Marc Derossis

Immediate Past President

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Ordinary Directors

  • Nick Hungate
  • Colin Iles
  • Jerry Marshall
  • Tim North
  • Carl Peltzer
  • Leon Picon
  • Azeez Abdul Syed
  • Axel Trede
  • Greg Wakefield
  • Jamie Welsh

Associate Directors

The Associate Directors are especially appointed to represent the interests and concerns of international members of the ICA and the principal overseas cotton producing and consuming regions.

  • Manish Chawla: Representing the retail industry
  • Steven Shiou-Chung Chen: Representing the Taiwanese spinning industry
  • Mohit Shah: Representing the Indian cotton industry
  • Yahya Saleem: Representing the Pakistan cotton industry
  • Alan McClay: Representing the Better Cotton Initiative
  • Raymond Faus: Representing the US cotton industry
  • Alex Hsu: Representing the agent sector
  • Alexandre Lins: Representing the Brazilian cotton industry
  • Dr Joon Kim: Representing the Korean spinning industry
  • Minghong Chen: Representing the Chinese cotton industry

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