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The Professional Certificate in Commodity Management is an accredited higher education certificate, delivered and awarded by the University of Liverpool

The course consists of six online modules that cover key aspects of commodity management including risk management, futures and options, law, marketing, leadership and strategy.

Each module that you successfully complete will earn 10 credits; you will need to gain 60 credits to obtain the full certificate.

Delivery of each module will last six weeks, followed by two weeks to submit course work. Marks will be returned two weeks after submission.

Module 1: Financial Markets and Risk Management.

Module 2: Leadership and Strategic Thinking for Commodity Based Industries.

Module 3: Marketing and Customer Insight: For Commodity Industries.

Module 3: Marketing and Customer Insight for Commodity Based Industries

Study Start Date: 22 January 2018

Enrolment: Open

Module Description: The module is divided into four elements transitioning from theoretical principles to applied concepts and concluding with critical discussion in relation to market channel behaviour.

Module Leader: David Cockayne. David is a Senior Lecturer at ULMS, located in the department of Marketing and Operations. He has previously held strategic marketing roles internationally, predominantly in China where he spent five years working for a variety of organisations. He has also worked in the US, Thailand, South Korea, and Spain. David’s areas of expertise surround strategic marketing, customer insight analysis and data management, and relationship marketing.,

Credit Value: 10

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