Mediation Process

An alternative, flexible and cost effective dispute resolution service that can take place before, during and after arbitration

Mediation Step-by-Step Process

  • Step 1 Complete an online ICA Mediation Application Form. Your application will be processed at the ICA and we will notify you of any fees to be paid in advance (mediation will not proceed until relevant fees have been paid)
  • Step 2 The ICA will write to the other party and inform them that an application has been received and seek confirmation that they are willing to proceed with mediation (both parties must agree to participate in the mediation process)
  • Step 3 The ICA will write to both parties with the name of the mediator. If no objections are received within 7 days, the ICA will appoint that person as the mediator and ask both parties to sign a mediation agreement
  • Step 4 The mediator will make contact with both parties and begin to gather information, explain the process, answer any questions and agree when the mediation will take place (in a pre-agreed location, normally over the course of one day)
  • Step 5 If the parties reach an agreement on mediation day, a settlement agreement will be drafted and signed by both parties. If not, the mediator will follow up with both parties and provide assistance when and where necessary (often agreement happens shortly after). Details of any settlement agreement are recorded at the ICA
  • Step 6 The ICA sends both parties a feedback questionnaire about their experience of the mediation process and their mediator

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