About ICA

The International Cotton Association (ICA) is the world’s leading international cotton trade association and arbitral body

Our Story

The ICA began life over 170 years ago in 1841 in Liverpool, UK, when a group of cotton brokers created a set of bylaws and rules to help regulate the sale and purchase of raw cotton.

Today, the majority of the world’s cotton is still traded internationally under ICA Bylaws & Rules. The rules have changed with time, but their aim remains the same – to create a safe trading environment. The ICA now has more than 550 members and its membership spans all corners of the globe and represents all sectors of the supply chain. The ICA operates on a not-for-profit basis and, in addition to its Bylaws & Rules, it offers a range of services – arbitration, training, trade and networking events, plus cotton testing and research via ICA Bremen.

Our Brand

We are very proud of our brand and the heritage and reputation we have established.

To ensure consistent use of our brand and visual identity, we have compiled a set of brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines