Our Staff

To support our Board of Directors and to help implement ICA policies and practices we have a Management Team

Bill Kingdon

Managing Director ?

Managing Director

Bill leads the ICA’s management team.  He is responsible for the providing services and systems that meet the members’ needs and ensure the enduring success of the Association.  He is MD of the joint venture – ICA Bremen.

Diane Lewis

Finance Manager ?

Finance Manager

Diane plans, directs and controls the ICA’s financial staff and systems, ensuring their relevancy and robustness provides an efficient and effective finance function within the ICA.

Angela McGeagh

Executive Assistant ?

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Angela’s main responsibility is Board and Governance supporting the Officers and Managing Director of the ICA.

Esrin Graham

Communications & Marketing Officer ?

Communications & Marketing Officer

As Communications & Marketing Officer, Esrin is primarily responsible for the ICA’s marketing communications, including the ICA’s website, eNewsletters and social media accounts. She also represents the ICA in the Women in Cotton Working Group.

John Gibson

Head of Arbitration ?

Head of Arbitration

John is Head of the Arbitration team as well as being secretary to the Arbitration Strategy and Rules Committee. He is also Company Secretary and Executive Officer of the ICA Mutual Ltd.

Lynne Thomas

Arbitration Officer

Robert Jiang

Business Operations & Development Manager / China Business Development Officer ?

Business Operations & Development Manager / China Business Development Officer

Robert deals with quality disputes and arbitrations, and as part of ICA Bremen, is responsible for the international laboratory certification programme. He conducts outreach, training and engagement in cotton producing and consuming countries. He also focuses on various quality committees and CICCA as well as information technology.

Thomas Lowndes

Marketing & Events Officer ?

Marketing & Events Officer

As Events Officer, Tom leads on the delivery of our Annual Programme of Events which include: ICAspire Development Forums, Complete Cotton, Managing Risk Training and our Trade Event & Gala Dinner.

Vanessa Harris

Assistant Management Accountant ?

Assistant Management Accountant

Assisting the Finance Manager with the provision of an efficient and effective Finance function within the ICA, Vanessa assists with the planning and control of systems and ensures their relevancy and robustness.

Tracy Dignan

Membership Officer ?

Membership Officer

Tracy provides assistance and guidance for those considering membership and is also responsible for the management of processing membership and membership database management upkeep.

Casandra German

Safe Trading Officer ?

Safe Trading Officer

Casandra’s responsibilities include identifying links between companies listed on the ICA LOUA and their related companies. She also obtains and analyses shipment data for evidence of companies trading with defaulters.

Lily Litchfield

Training & Events Assistant ?

Training & Events Assistant

As Training & Events Assistant, Lily’s role is heavily involved in delivering the ICA’s online and physical events. Lily is also responsible for various marketing tasks for ICA Bremen.

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