Online Application

Principal Firm Merchants Application Checklist

Important advice to help you complete your application:

Before you begin, please ensure that you have the following information available, as it will be required during the application process:

  • Proposer and Seconder – To support your application, you must have a Proposer and Seconder who are Individual Members of the ICA. Both must be from outside your organisation and at least one must be based in a different country than where you are based. Both must be able to make the following declaration on your behalf: “To the best of our knowledge and belief, the applicant will conform to the accepted standards of conduct in its trading activities and will abide by the provisions of ICA regulations.”

  • Amount of Cotton Traded - The amount of cotton (in tons) you trade each year

  • Company Directors – Details of your company directors/partners/board members, including duration

  • Related Companies - Details of any companies that are related to your firm, including shareholding percentages and principal lines of business/products for each firm

  • Other Associations - Details of any other associations that your firm is a member of


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